National Parks in a Changing World

September 13, 2013

Location: Denver Museum of Nature & Science Gates Planetarium and Fort Collins Museum of Discovery’s Otterbox Digital Dome Theater

Date: September 26th, 7pm

Registration:  Free. Please email Greg Mancari ( or call Greg at (303) 370-6109 to reserve a space at either venue. Seating is limited. Please RSVP by September 18.

Global change is occurring within and across all landscapes, including the Intermountain West.  This region includes some of our nation’s most iconic, culturally distinct, and ecologically intact landscapes. The widespread, complex, and accelerating nature of 21st century environmental change poses a challenge to the conservation and management of National Parks and their invaluable natural and cultural resources. While each individual park remains a distinct unit, every park is embedded in, and influenced by, a larger regional landscape. Park stewardship requires a landscape perspective, strong collaborative partnerships, and an engaged citizenry to manage park resources across scales of space and time.

To foster these perspectives and collaborations, the Worldviews Network is extending an invitation to National Park Service (NPS) staff, colleagues, and partners to participate in a unique private event. National Parks in a Changing World will be a live, interactive “domecast” between two full-dome planetariums, the Gates Planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and the Otterbox Digital Dome Theater at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.  We will use the immersive setting of these two dome theaters to explore systems from cosmic to local that connect land, ocean, atmosphere, and biosphere. Using a wide range of datasets from NPS, NASA, NOAA, USGS, USFS, Natureserve, citizen scientists, and others, we will journey together through space and time, from our cosmic origins to our common future, from the neighborhood of our solar system to the heart of the intermountain regional parks. We will explore processes of global change, such as land use change, invasive species, energy development and climate change, to better understand how these processes influence park resources and inform 21st century management and conservation approaches. Audiences in both Fort Collins and Denver will see and hear the same visual narrative in real time.

Please join us for this transformative conversation about our national conservation landscapes.

For more, visit National Parks in a Changing World